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I am an idea to undertake

At IDEAR, undertaking ideas is part of everyday life.

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Entrepreneurship is finding solutions to problems in the world. Real problems, part of our routine. This is not something that comes from the outside, with academic disciplines, but from the inside out. It is something that arouses interest in us because it is already part of our universe. Maybe it is asleep, but it is out there.

Transforming the world first involves awakening the potential we have within us to perceive, look, and live the world. It is first undestanding ourselves and our interests that we develop that.
Undertaking an idea is nothing more than the consequence of being the best version of ourselves. It is, deep down, something we already have and want. It is not an obligation.

It’s like life itself, where learning comes from doing. Always enhanced by theoretical knowledge, which help us improve our abilities and perceptions, and not inserting in life something that is not connected to it. This learn by doing is always observing, lightly, naturally, with real and close people.

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