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At PUCRS, entrepreneurial education means learning to generate benefits for society. We develop citizens that are purposeful and with transversal competences, able to transform ideas into real projects.

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IDEAR – The Interdisciplinary Lab for Entrepreneurship and Innovation fosters and raises awareness to students, teachers and the community to entrepreneurship. We believe in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial attitude as factors of social transformation.

For us, entrepreneurship is… A differential people shaping that generate social and economic changes.

IDEAR encourages interdisciplinary entrepreneurial attitude and innovation with positive impact on society. We do this by bringing together all areas of knowledge, shaping people that are able to propose solutions that can change the world.

How we work

We use practices that stimulate creativity, with multidisciplinary learning based on empirical experiences. We work with teaching methodologies and ludic pedagogical resources, such as games, prototyping materials, 3D printers and mounting blocks.

IDEAR arises from the perspective that it is necessary to connect entrepreneurship education in an interdisciplinary way and, at the same time, provide dialogue with new classroom methodologies.

Operating pillars

We offer lectures, chats, courses, seminars, meetings, disciplines, consulting, the Entrepreneur Tournament, among other activities. Always focusing on:

  • Promotion of the entrepreneurial attitude and innovation with social impact 
  • Pedagogical innovation through active classroom methodologies aimed at the development of entrepreneurial skills. 
  • Teacher development for methodologies and teaching resources in the classroom focused on entrepreneurship and innovation