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For the students

IDEAR offers disciplines, workshops, lectures and workshops with interdisciplinary integration,
active classroom methodologies, aiming to stimulate the construction of proposals for entrepreneurial and innovative solutions.

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In addition to the Project Challenges Discipline, designed by and for IDEAR, the Lab works with a concept of a course portfolio from existing courses.


Form entrepreneurial pathways where students have a range of non-sequential disciplines with active methodologies which they can develop in different aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation.


To be interdisciplinary and available for students of all graduation students (as elective), to use active classroom methodologies (if the discipline does not have them, IDEAR helps the professor with reestructuring the metodology with the use of IDEAR’s ludic and pedagogic resources or in partnership with PUCRS’s Service Learning Program).

Today IDEAR has in its portfolio the following disciplines:

– Personal formation

– Behavior and Market Trends

– Digital Communication in Advertising

– Social Responsibility, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

– Fundamentals of Digital Entrepreneurship

– Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation

– Innovation and Development

– Laboratory – Interdisciplinarity


The Project Challenges discipline, designed especially for the Laboratory, is interdisciplinary, open to all courses. It was idealized from the Impact Labs (Laboratórios de Impacto) concept, according to the Graduate School of Standford Business.


Encourage entrepreneurial attitude and innovation through thematic challenges, using new classroom dynamics, with projects guided by the Design Thinking methodology. This experiential learning format empowers students to explore a variety of approaches aimed at the social and environmental impact on the world.


Through contact with real situations, the student has the possibility to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, developing useful tools for his/her career and leadership in the community. It proposes innovation thematic challenges, using ludic resources for discussion and themes such as management 3.0, innovation in each area of ​​knowledge and problem-oriented thinking.


The Entrepreneur Tournament has been in PUCRS for 12 years and is under the management of IDEAR, which has been rethinking its format for an interdisciplinary character.


Awaken and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of undergraduate and postgraduate students (specialization, master’s and doctorate) of Brazilian’s Educational Instituitions and also of non-undergraduate people (general public).


Through a set of actions and steps, students in groups set up business projects that are evaluated and selected to ultimately send the best ideas to the University Institutions responsible for the next steps.


Besides the Discipline Project Challenges and IDEAR’s portfolio disciplines, the Lab is home to the disciplines that use the Exponential Method/Service Learning/IDEAR: a teaching methodology developed by PUCRS from Service Learning in a partnership between PUCRS Dean of Extension and IDEAR (representing PUCRS Dean of Graduation).


The essence of the method is the development of projects by undergraduate curriculum students, who seek to meet a real need for external partners.


The activities are carried out in the classroom with the guidance of teachers and the participation of partners, which can be private companies, public agencies or non-profit entities.


Ideation, PUCRS’s meeting of entrepreneurship and innovation, is an event that occurs annually in partnership with PUCRS Careers. The Ideation is free and open to the public, and has workshops and panels with market professionals who exchange experiences with participants.

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